Does the skin on your fingers crack when it’s cold?

Danish weather causes dry skin and many people struggle with cracking skin on their fingers and toes. Some succeed in healing the cracks with a good ointment, but for many people the cracks are an annoying and recurring problem. Particularly skin around the root of the nail can have a difficult time healing because the skin is very thin in this area.

There is a relatively new and very effective product available on the Danish market – a spray that heals and protects the cracks. When the product is sprayed onto the cracks, it creates an invisible film similar to a transparent bandage within 40 seconds. It relieves the pain and prevents the cracks from expanding. Furthermore, it speeds up the healing process. The product named SkinOcare Rhagadil is water-resistant and contains approx. 80 treatments.

SkinOcare Rhagadil spray is available at your pharmacy for a suggested retail price of DKK 89.95

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